In this fast-paced, need it now market, mobile has become a vital ingredient for success. With a custom mobile application you can leverage technology and do business anywhere and everywhere!

Business On The Go – Mobile Application Development

Mobile app technology is more powerful then ever. With a mobile application, it’s possible to reach your customers at exactly the right time and place. Whether it’s leveraging the ability of a location aware app to effectively communicate a precision tailored marketing message or offer to effectively expand your market share via a social tie-in, a custom mobile application can remove the limitations associated with “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Custom Mobile Application Development

  • Location-based sales and quotation tools
  • On the go access with a database-driven mobile application
  • Share information, empower management with mobile Executive Dashboards
  • Reduce support costs with a mobile based solution
  • Communicate effectively with location-based app
  • Integrate systems and processes with a custom mobile application

Mobile App Technologies

  • iOS – Swift, Objective-C, Coccoa, AlamoFire, ObjectMapper, JSON, Core Data
  • Android – Java, JSON, Retrofit, Gson, Google Play Services


Whether it’s being built for iOS, Andriod or both, the custom mobile application development services we provide your company will benefit from years of experience and “real-world”, firsthand knowledge. Our commitment to excellence ensures your custom mobile application development project provides an effective, custom tailored solution to your growing business needs.

Epical – Location Aware Mobile Application and Platform

Epical is a location-aware social network that can be accessed and enjoyed like no other. Unlike other social networks that may use a street address, epical untethers you from the street and allows you to journey beyond by using Geolocations. Whether it’s going downtown, out to sea or off the beaten path, epical helps you…