Finally, an ecommerce software platform that works with your company to build online success. eMart’s multi-component ecommerce engine and shopping cart system breaks down the daunting task of managing on-line sales and provides you with the tools necessary to run your online store.
eMart is a highly customizable, enterprise level ecommerce software engine. eMart is perfect for businesses that need custom functionality with their online store.  eMart features all the features necessary to meet all the  e-commerce needs of your company.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimized Ecommerce PlatformSearch engine optimization has become a critical component of web marketing, especially with content rich websites, and is directly proportional to market share. The better your website’s search engine ranking, the more opportunities your website has to capture and convert visitors into customers. eMart’s architecture has been optimized for search engine compatibility thus ensuring Google, Yahoo and other leading search engines will find, index and rank your website’s content favorably. More importantly, with eMart, all your web content can be found easily by your customers thus giving you more opportunities to sell.

eMart’s ecommerce promotions and promotion code management system allow for easy creation and management on online promotions. Promotions can quickly be tied to products with just a few mouse clicks. The promotions module allows you to create an online promotion and then assign it a unique promotion code.

The promotion can then be tailored to your specific promotion criteria including:

eMart - online promotions and promotion code management

  • One time promotion code or multi-use uses promotion code
  • Free shipping for the promotion (Promo items only or Entire order)
  • Dollar off or Percent off
  • Activation Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Promotion is good for all products or select products
  • Minimum order threshold to qualify for promotion
  • Specific product combinations for promotion

The online promotion module allow for endless promotion possibilities.


Faceted search for ecommerce, also know as guided search, gives your customers the ability to find the products they want quickly leading to a better customer experiance and higher conversion rates. Filter products by specific product attributes that you create and assign in eMart’s product admin.  Unlimited product attributes can be created.

eMart allows you to quickly and easily create, edit and manage product Kits. Kits are an easy way to group multiple products together and then sell them as a “bundle.” Creating Kits in eMart is as easy as making a few mouse clicks to select the products you want to include and then assigned them as “included” or “optional” items of your kit. Additionally you can set unique prices for all the items in the kit to add value to your customers. Kits are a great way to drive sales and increase your average order size.

eMart's Product Kitting Controls

eMart’s content editor incorporates a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) interface. eMart users can simply type into the content window and use familiar “Work-like” formatting tools to generate rich text content that includes graphics, hyperlinks, tables and colors. eMart will automatically generate the HTML code. Additional flexibility is provided with the WYSIWYG Source View. In the Source View mode users can view and edit the HTML source for complete granular control of content. eMart’s intelligent WYSIWYG editor recognizes and preserves most Microsoft® formatted documents allowing for true cut and paste content creation. Moving an MSWord® document to the web is as simple as copying the document and pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor. The editor will automatically convert the document into HTML-formatted content complete with rich text, graphics, hyperlinks, tables and colors. Adding new products to your on-line store has never been easier.

eMart's Edit Control Panel

eMart offers a highly customizable shipping module that can be use to create custom shipping tables. With the custom shipping module, you can configure your site to use specific shipping rates based on location, weight and shipping method. Additionally, products can be tagged as “Shippable/Non-Shippable” and Media Mail to further refine the shipping calculations.

Gift Message

Orders can be tagged as “Gift Orders” allowing your customers to create a custom gift message to be sent along with the order.

Gift Cards

eMart supports the creation, redemption and management of online gift cards. Use the Gift Card module to create and manage your own custom gift cards.

Comparison Shopping Engine Feeds

eMart allows products to be flagged for Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE, e.g. Google Products) or not. Additionally, the eMart Module, CSE Management, allows you to manage the exports. New exports can also be created as custom modules.

eMart's Comparison Shopping Engine Panel

Cross Sell, Up Sell, & Options

Products in eMart can be assigned relationships to other products. A product can be related by a Cross Sell/Up Sell or as an option. Each product can have unlimited relationships.

eMart's Cross Sell Panel

Tier Pricing

eMart supports an unlimited tier price structure. Products can be assigned to price tiers and user account can be assigned a price tier.

Secure Ecommerce Software Solution

eMart provides maximum security control for your on-line transactions with support for industry standard ecommerce security protocols and single sign-on technology. eMart’s robust user, asset and role-based permissions provide support for SSL as well as LDAP & NT Active Directory.

Real-time On-Line Order Processing

The real-time order processing and payment authorization of eMart lets your company realize the power of on-line sales immediately. There is no need to wait on a third-party provider to process your orders.

eTechnologyTM Tag-Based Ecommerce Architecture

eMart offers a robust and scalable ecommerce development environment. eMart uses our eTechnology tag-based ecommerce software architecture to ensure ease of use and maximum flexibility for developers. With eMart there is no need to learn a new programming language, making new template designs easy and fast. By applying eMart tags to standard HTML code, new eMart content templates can be created. This approach gives Designers the freedom to create without the burden of coding.